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Denyse Breeden, LPC


There is no doubt that Denyse is exceptional and experienced at the work she does. From the minute you meet her, you are surrounded by her warm, open and inviting presence. Her compassion and acceptance allows you to let go and be completely vulnerable to tap into those spaces you've been afraid to go to.  I feel safe and taken care of during my sessions. 

- Lachelle

Denyse has helped me get over childhood sexual abuse and trauma.  I was very fearful going into therapy but am so glad I gave her a chance.  She worked with me at my own pace, gently guiding me and moving along overcame a large amount of issues.  She's also been kind enough to make recordings for me to listen to outside of therapy.  I have let go of resentment, panic, agoraphobia and obsession.  I now have a loving relationship with my husband.  This is a big deal because before I panicked when I was touched. I also have found confidence. The weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders.

- Mary P.

Before counseling I was suicidal, paranoid, severely depressed.  In my sessions I learned many skills which I am now sharing and passing on to others.  After a few short months my symptoms are mostly gone. I can cope when life throws me a challenge. I am feeling better than I have felt in my life. I regularly use the tools she taught me and can not say enough about how much Denyse has helped me and how grateful I am to her. She has an inviting warm nonjudgmental style.  She is easy to connect with. I look forward to our appointments and trust talking to her.  

- Jack S.

I found Denyse very helpful.  She is an excellent therapist and is patient.  I quickly had a lot of growth after working with her. I was in therapy with another therapist for 6 months prior to seeing her, didn't learn anything and was stuck in depression.  I was isolated and had poor relationships. I went into it not really believing it would help. Since working with Denyse and using CBT my self worth has grown. I outgrew a negative relationship and I began to notice my interactions with people positively changed.  I now often get positive responses from others.  My relatives are now loving instead of distant. I am seeing good changes in all areas of my life.  She has amazing counseling skills and is genuine. I recommend this experience to other people. If you are on the fence just do it.

- Chris S.